Buy the best you can afford!

Oct 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Detecting Tips

Buying the Best Detector


All of us probably want to have the best metal detector, but many simply can’t afford it, or is just starting out in the hobby, and doesn’t want to spend the bucks to get the best. Of course, having the deepest machine will give you an edge over other hunters, but from our own experience, it’s not that important! And how’s that, you ask?

The answer is simple, by doing research and studying your local history, you will find spots that others have never hit, and most likely, the targets are only a few inches under your coil. Then once you get used to telling your signals apart, you’ll be able to graduate more trashy areas that most detectorists bypass cause they don’t have the patience to deal with it.

Dig Everything

The best place to use your first metal detector is on a beach, and just dig everything till you learn the different types of signals. Most detectors are built with some discrimination that helps you bypass most objects like nails, foil, pulltabs, etc. But the more you discriminate, the less depth you going to have. For example, if you discriminate against pulltabs, you’ll miss the nickels or small gold rings. So be careful with it!

Don’t start in an area that is so overloaded with signals it drives you crazy. Take our advice and practice on a beach or field, or even better, your own backyard.

Cleaned-out Spots

If you know of someplace that has been well hunted or overhunted, try detecting it after a big rain when the ground is soaked. The wet ground has more conductivity, and you may find deeper stuff. Also, after a hard winter, the ground shifts after it thaws, so there are now targets where there wasn’t any last year when you detected there. Go back and check your old turf again.

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