Respect for Others

Oct 17th, 2009 | By | Category: Detecting Tips

press_releaseRespect Others

Always cover your holes even on the beaches, so people that are walking or jogging don’t twist their ankle, because they rarely look where they’re going! Always take the trash you dig up with you. A lot of times we get home and go through our trash, and discover things we thought was junk and it wasn’t.

Nosey People

Let’s face it… metal detectorists get a lot of attention! It’s rare that you’ll be going to a place where nobody else is around. The best thing to do, when you get to a site, is to start detecting at the far end, away from the crowd. Then once people have noticed you, watched for awhile, and noticed how far away you’re detecting, they’ll go back to their own business, and forget about you. In other words, they’ll get use to you.

Once that happens, you can edge your way closer to a crowd or to a better area. Some may even edge their way over to you, just to chat.

If you don’t want to be bothered with nosey people, try starting your day early, or later after the crowds thin out, or when it’s raining. Whenever you choose to go metal detecting one thing is guaranteed – you will enjoy it!

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